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I’m frustrated and feeling dumb

How to "really" get my money back?

I ́ve tried to cancel my tkt on Thu (March,13) and Fri (Mar, 14) since my trip had to be cancelled for health reasons. It ́s impossible to contact Consumer Services in Argentina. The connection happens, and when on is lucky enough the systems crash as soon as a button is pressed. My reservation was 26461947. Thanks.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 17, 2014 19:12
    Hi Maria,

    I'm very sorry, however, we are the United States-based seller of tickets for North American countries, and we are completely separate from ticket vendors in other parts of the world. We are generally not able to sell to residents of countries outside of North America, due to local restrictions. Residents of countries outside of North America would have to book through an affiliated agent in their own country or region. If you are from Argentina, you would have booked through an agent there, and they are who you would need to contact with your inquiry. The website for the ticket seller that you would likely need to contact is:
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