how to reserve train in Rome airport

We have 1st class italy passes and are arriving in rome oct 30 2012 @ 0730 we would like to reserve train to naples but don't know how long we'll be at the airport. Can we make a reservation at the airport after we get our luggage Any advice?
Can the 8 day rail pass be activated at the airport and if so where? I understand we will have to go to rome termini stn then on to naples is this correct?
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  • Hi Nancy,

    Reservations from Rome to Naples can be made at the Fiumicino Airport or at the Termini rail station. There are signs that indicate the ticket counters at both locations. The trains from Rome to Naples will depart from the Rome Termini station. You may use your rail pass on the Leonardo Express between the airport and main station. If you are using your pass on the Leonardo Express, you will need to validate the pass at the rail ticket counters at the airport.
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