How would I get from The New Forest UK to Paris, France. Also I need to know how to get from Winchester UK to Dublin?

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  • You would first need to go into London to access the train to Paris. There are direct trains from Ashurst New Forest to the London Waterloo station about every hour. This is about a 2 hour train trip. From the London Waterloo station you can take the Northern subway line to the London St Pancreas station in about 20 minutes. From London St. Pancras there several Eurostar trains throughout the day to Paris. London to Paris takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    The Winchester to Dublin route would require trains and ferry. You can take a train from Winchester to Birmingham International (2 hours). Then from Birgmingham International you would take a train to the port city of Holyhead (4 hours). Finally from Holyhead you can take a ferry to Dublin ( approximately 3 hours).
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