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París to Rome in march

Hi! I wanna travel from París to Rome in the night train. Does a direct train exist? I hace a Eurail pass. I've read that the railways in march aré closed due to reparations. Is this true? Can You help me please?
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  • Hi Adriana,

    The direct night train from Paris to Rome is no longer running. You would need to take the night train from Paris to Milan and then change trains in Milan to get to Rome. Please note that the night train is not covered by your Eurail Pass and full fare tickets must be purchased.

    You can copy and paste this link into your browser for more information with regards to the Thello train from Paris to Milan.

    At this time only a few dates in March are closed for sale for the Thello train.

    I hope this information helps you in planning your itinerary. Have a great trip.

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