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I will be travelling in Italy and France, what trains can I travel on with a 2-day Europe Rail Select Pass

I noticed in some of the documentation it said that a Rail Pass was not valid on Italo Rail lines. I thought Rail passes let you travel on all rail lines.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 13, 2016 21:47
    Hi David,

    Rail passes do not cover all rail lines. While the objective of a rail pass is to cover trains between different cities, there are some exceptions.

    It is true that rail passes are not valid on Italo trains. Italo trains are privately owned and operated, so they don't accept rail passes. To take an Italo train, you would have to purchase a regular ticket.

    However, there would always be other 'Trenitalia' trains operating along the same routes, for which a rail pass would be valid. Therefore, there would always be a perfectly feasible alternative. These alternatives can include 'Le Frecce' (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca) trains and InterCity (IC) trains, as well as Italian regional trains (Regionale or Regionale Veloce).

    Le Frecce and InterCity trains would just require reservations in addition to a rail pass. Italian regional trains don't accept reservations, so a rail pass would be all that's needed to board.

    Italo trains connect cities that include Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Turin, Naples, Salerno, and Padua.
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