I get into Zurich by air at 7:50 am, can I make a 9:34 train or should I go with the 11:34 train? Thanks

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 14, 2014 14:41
    Hi Paul,

    The time it takes to get from the gate to the train station can depend on several factors. I would recommend allowing a time that is comparable to the amount of time it would take to travel through a typical major U.S. airport and retrieve luggage. It is also recommended that you allow at least an additional hour to get through customs, if arriving from overseas. Therefore, it might be difficult to make a 9:34am train if your flight arrives at 7:50am.

    With that said, if your train happens to be one that operates solely within Switzerland, the tickets would be issued as open tickets, which would be valid for you to use for any train operating on the day for which you purchased the tickets.
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