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I’m sad and angry

I hate high speed

I have spent hours and hours researching non-high-sped trains in Europe with contradictory results
You have to look up each segment separately and when you add up the pircesnit comes to more than high speed
where are the non-high-speed advance bookings?

“These trains can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure.”
Paris-Amiens $21 14.04-15.10
Amiens-Lille $32 15.38-16.58
Lille-Tourcoing $11 17.08-17.21 or 17.28-17.45 or 18.08 etc-
Tourcoing-Ghent $21 19.22-20.14 or 20.22-21.14
Ghent-Brussels $20 six ph
Brussels-Antwerp $16 three p h
Antwerp-Amsterdam $40 (every ?)
TOTAL $161 slow
$114 fast
17.25-20.42 (on Thalys, it seems, rush hour is not “peak”)
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 17, 2014 21:37
    Hi Jo,

    It is true that if you add up the ticket costs of multiple regional trains that connect a particular set of cities, it generally amounts to more than the ticket cost of a high-speed train that connects the same cities.

    Our website advises of the most direct routes between cities in Europe. If you were to take some other combination of regional trains to connect between the same cities, it would take a considerable amount of time and end up being much more expensive.

    It is also true that connections comprised of regional trains would have to be pieced together, segment by segment, when doing a search on our website.

    I'm sorry, however, I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make or what your question is. If you can elaborate, I'd be happy to try and advise as best I can.
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