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Hello, my name is Marco Antonio Oliveira de Azevedo. Recently I have bought three tickets from Marne du Valle (Chessy, France) to Oxford, England. The train leaves today at 6pm, and we will leave Bordeaux to Chessy in about an hour. But I can't log into my account, it says I have no account. This bothers me because I have already put in all my credit cards informations, I got an order number so I must have been already charged, and also my name, my daughter's and my nephew's ones list as well. This is very dangerous and I am beyond myself with concern. I wish I had never bought anything online. They said they would e-mail me all the information so I didn't bother to copy down the order number and now I can't log in, it says I have no account, but it must have my credit card number, can you believe how dangerous that sounds? Please answer me asap. I'm stuck in Europe and I'm losing tons of money because of this.
PS.: I tried to send it through the account i remember having created here and the message is as follows: Sorry! Either the username or password that you entered is not correct.
PS.2: please note that the account I'm talking about is not my facebook account, I only used it to log in here and post this.
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  • Hello Marco,

    I've sent you an email copy of your invoice with the confirmation code and instructions to print your tickets at the rail station.

    For security reasons, we don't have access to your online account. If you've received the message that the email or password is incorrect then you can request a new password.

    If for any reason you have not received the email confirmation for your order, please call us at 011-847-916-1028.
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