I’m frustrated and confused.

I must arrive in DUDERSTADT from Frankfurt Airport...How do I get there?

Please Help... urgent. I don't know how to get to Duderstadt from the Frankfurt Airport. I must arrive Aug. 6 before 11:00. Thanks.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 25, 2013 21:16
    Hi Maria,

    There does not appear to be a rail station in Duderstadt. To get there from the Frankfurt Airport, you would take a train to Goettingen, where you would connect to a bus that will take you to Duderstadt. The bus ride from Goettingen to Duderstadt would take about an hour in duration.

    You can purchase tickets for the train from Frankfurt Airport to Goettingen by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. For tickets right out of the station at the airport in Frankfurt, you would type 'Frankfurt Airport' in the field for the departure city. The results will display with 'Frankfurt Flug FE' as the station of departure; however, 'Flug FE' just refers to the airport.

    You would pay to board the bus to Duderstadt locally upon arrival.
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