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I want to make seat reservations using my Eurail Global Pass, is the seat reservation issued electronically or is it in paper?

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 26, 2013 20:23
    Hi Tiffany,

    Only passholder reservations for trains in France are able to be issued electronically.

    Currently, only tickets for trains in certain parts of Europe are able to be issued as e-tickets and/or print-at-home tickets (domestic trains operating within France, some international trains between France and neighboring countries, the United Kingdom, and Spain). In France, tickets and passholder reservations can be issued electronically, while in the United Kingdom and Spain, only point-to-point tickets are issued electronically. Other passes and tickets are actual physical documents that would have to be shipped to you. All rail passes are issued as physical documents that we would ship to you prior to your departure to Europe.

    If tickets for a particular train are able to be issued as e-tickets or print-at-home tickets, then the option would display for you at Step 1 of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen. Tickets classified as e-tickets would be printed out from a kiosk in the station prior to departure, while print-at-home tickets would have to be printed elsewhere prior to going to the station.
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