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If I book tickets (not a rail pass), how do I book reservations for those tickets?

Since we'll only be traveling by train 3 days, we are purchasing tickets instead of a rail pass for Germany and Austria. Reservations are recommended on most of the trains. Do I automatically have a reservation, too, when I purchase the tickets?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 28, 2015 16:48
    Hi Clare.

    Rest assured, if a particular train requires reservations, then the reservation would automatically be included with any ticket purchase for that train (the only exceptions being trains in Portugal and Ireland, where reservations would only be able to be added locally).

    With regard to trains in Germany and Austria, you can tell if a reservation will be included by looking under 'Ticket Flexibility' after you click on 'View' for a particular fare. Under 'Ticket Flexibility', there can be 3 different options--Non Flexible, Semi Flexible, or Flexible. If there are two listings under one of these options--one referring to a "ticket" and another referring to "seat reservations"--then you would know a reservation would be included with your ticket purchase.

    As an example, it would look something like this:


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