Is there an Intercites de nuit (night train) from Chamonix / Chambery to Paris?


I will be traveling from Chamonix to Paris on or about 25 July. I would prefer a night train (Intercites de Nuit). I know it's still early to book any ticket for that time, but I am having trouble finding anything about this service even for earlier dates.

I have read a little about this service on, but that article seems to be a few years old now. Anyone have more up to date detail?

  1. Does the Intercites de Nuit still run between Chamonix (or somewhere close) and Paris?

  2. How can I find and book it?

Thanks so much!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 29, 2016 22:47
    Hi Jason,

    There is no overnight train from Chamonix to Paris, but there is a night train from St Gervais les Bains/Annecy/Chambery to Paris (Intercités de Nuit train). Currently, this night train only has Friday departures. From July 4th to August 26th, however, this night train will run from Monday through Friday.

    If you'll be coming from Chamonix, you would connect to this night train in St Gervais les Bains, which is about 45 minutes from Chamonix by train.

    You would purchase tickets by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage ( and entering a route. For an overnight trip from Chamonix to Paris, you would just have to piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Chamonix to St Gervais les Bains and another search to access the night train from St Gervais les Bains to Paris.

    Generally, trains in France are only able to booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure. Since your intended departure date happens to fall outside of this time frame, you would just enter an earlier date, some time within the next 90 days to get an idea of the ticket costs and schedules in the meantime. You would also want to be sure to choose a Friday, since this train won't begin operating on other days until July 4th.
    • Jeff,

      Thanks for the detail. I am within 90 days of departure and searched as you suggested. I am not able to find Intercites de Nuit for the route you mention - St Gervais les Bains. Can you confirm this is still an option? Thanks.
    • Jeff (Official Rep) April 28, 2016 16:54
      Hi Jason,

      It looks like they changed the days this train will be scheduled to operate during the summer months. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. As of now, they have do not have any overnight options scheduled for Mondays in the upcoming months, and I do not expect that this would change. In July, the only days on which there will be overnight service from St Gervais les Bains to Paris are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
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