Is 3 minutes transfer time ok in Rotterdam Centraal?

I would be arriving at Rotterdam Centraal by Intercity | 9239 from Bruxelles-Midi and would have to catch the train Intercity | 1037 at Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Central.
The transfer time between the two trains is 3 minutes and I'm quite concerned if I will be able to make it in time as it will be my first time in Europe.

Would be glad in case of a response.

Thanks in advance !
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 05, 2018 18:58
    Hi Madhuri,

    For a connection such as this, the trains should be synchronized and the platforms close to one another. Therefore, even though 3 minutes is tight, you should be able to make the switch. In any case, a ticket for an IC train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam would also be valid for you to take a later IC train that same day, so you can always just use your ticket on the next train. The IC trains from Rotterdam to Amsterdam depart about once every 15-20 minutes throughout the day.
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