Is the Chocolate Train trip available on Dec 22, 2015? How long it takes from Montreux to Broc (one way)?

Hello. I need to know if the Chocolate trip is available nexiot december 22.
Also I need to know how long it takes only one way from Montreux to Broc. This is because I would be in my route to Bern.
Finally, please tell me if I have to make a reservation considering I bought the Swiss Pass.

Thank you.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 09, 2015 16:38
    Hi Nancy.

    I'm sorry; however, the actual Chocolate Train excursion from Montreux, with stops at the cheese factory and castle in Gruyères and the Cailler-Nestlé Chocolate Factory in Broc, doesn't operate from October 30th to May 3rd. With that said, the towns of Gruyères and Broc can still be reached by rail during this time; it just wouldn't be a part of what is known as the actual 'Chocolate Train excursion'.

    To get to Gruyères and/or Broc, you would start by taking a train out of Montreux that follows part of the 'GoldenPass' scenic route to the town of Montbovon. From Montbovon, there are local commuter trains that go to Gruyères (where the cheese factory is) and then on to Broc (where the chocolate factory is). If you go straight from Montreux to Broc (without getting off in Gruyères to go to the cheese factory), the connection would take just over 1.5 hours and involves just the one train change in Montbovon en route.

    Reservations are possible on the 'GoldenPass' trains from Montreux to Montbovon but not necessary at all. Therefore, the 'Swiss Pass' is all you'll need to board one of these trains.

    The local trains from Montbovon to Gruyères and Broc don't accept reservations, so the 'Swiss Pass' is once again all you'll need to board.

    If you need to get to Bern next, you would first take a short commuter train from Broc to the town of Bulle. In Bulle, you would board a regional train that would take you up to Bern. The connection from Broc to Bern would take about 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. The trains from Broc to Bulle and Bulle to Bern don't accept reservations, so the 'Swiss Pass' is all you'll need to board.

    Generally, schedules can be accessed on our website under 'Find Fares & Schedules'; however, schedules for these particular routes are not able to be viewed there. If you'd like to inquire about schedules for these trains, you would call us. We can be reached by calling 1-800-622-8600.

    With the actual Chocolate Train excursion not operating, entry to the chocolate factory in Broc would be an additional cost. The 'Swiss Pass', however, does cover entry to the Gruyères Castle. I believe entry to the cheese factory in Gruyères is free as it is.
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