Is Guildford, UK covered by the BritRail London Plus pass?

I'm planning on staying in Compton just outside of Guildford. Will the London Plus pass cover travel to London from there, or do I need the full BritRail pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 06, 2016 21:18
    Hi Grant,

    Yes, the BritRail London Plus Pass does cover travel between the area to which you're referring and London. However, it doesn't appear as though there is a rail station right in the village of Compton. The closest stations to Compton would be either Guildford itself or Farncombe, both just a short distance away. The BritRail London Plus Pass does cover trains from Farncombe or Guildford to London. These trains arrive into the Waterloo station in London.

    For your reference, you can check schedules for these trains on our site just by entering the route right on the homepage, There, you can do a search from either Guildford to London or Farncombe to London.

    For the BritRail London Plus Pass, you would click here:
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