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Is Renfe operating its trains between Granada and Seville at this time? Will those trains be operating on August 8, 2015?

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  • July 17, 2015 15:07
    Change in reply by Jeff to Hi Ricardo. WomBatt is correct. Currently, the national rail network of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Spain</a> is working to make improvements on the rail line that runs west out of <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada</a>, so that there will be faster service between <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Granada</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Seville</a>, as well as between <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">Madrid</a>. Until this construction is completed, the Spanish rail network is running buses from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada</a> to Antequera, from where passengers would continue on to <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Seville</a> by train. On the Rail Europe website, you can purchase tickets for the full route from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada to Seville</a>; however, it is likely that you'll end up having to take a bus for the segment of this route from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada</a> to Antequera. Therefore, you would have to inquire at the station when you get there. When the bus gets to Antequera, they would switch you to the train that will take you to <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Seville</a>. The ticket from <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Granada to Seville</a> would be valid for both the bus from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Granada</a> to Antequera and the connecting train from Antequera to <a href="" rel="nofollow">Seville</a>. You can purchase tickets to cover you from <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Granada to Seville</a> by clicking on 'Find Fares &amp; Schedules' on the Rail Europe website (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) and entering the route..

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