Is there a Train route from Santiago de Compostela to Oviedo, Gijon, Bilbao?

Hello, we are travelling from Santiago de Compostela along the Costa Verde to Gijon, Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian. Is there a train route? No driving for these senior travelers. Thank you
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 09, 2018 19:23

    The rail line along the northern coast of Spain is called the FEVE line. From west to east, this rail line starts in Ferrol and ends in Bilbao, so you would first just have to make your way from Santiago de Compostela up to Ferrol. If you intend on continuing on to San Sebastián, you would connect to a train called the Euskotren in Bilbao, or else you can take and ALSA bus.

    From Santiago de Compostela to Ferrol there are a couple direct trains, which take just under 2 hours.

    Otherwise, connections from Santiago de Compostela to Ferrol take 2.5 to 3 hours in duration and involve changing trains once in La Coruña along the way.

    In Ferrol, you would begin your journey. The full route of the FEVE can be a long journey and requires connections; the emphasis is on the journey itself and the scenery.

    The first segment of the FEVE line is from Ferrol to Oviedo (with a stop in Gijón) and takes about 7 hours.

    The middle segment of the FEVE is from Oviedo to Santander and takes about 5 hours.

    The final segment of the FEVE is from Santander to Bilbao and takes about 3 hours.

    You can purchase tickets from Santiago de Compostela to Ferrol by searching the route under 'BOOK TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, However, tickets for the FEVE and Euskotren are only able to be purchased locally in Spain. With that said, if you'll be traveling with a Eurail Spain Pass, then your ticket costs would be covered from Santiago de Compostela to Ferrol and on the FEVE all the way from Ferrol to Bilbao (via Oviedo and Santander). The Eurail Spain Pass does not cover the Euskotren or the ALSA buses, so tickets for the segment from Bilbao to San Sebastián would still have to be purchased locally when you're there.

    FEVE trains from Santander to Bilbao arrive into the Bilbao Concordia station, while the Euskotrens to San Sebastián depart from the Bilbao Zazpikaleak (Caso Viejo) station. The Zazpikaleak (Casco Viejo) station of the Euskotren is directly across the Nervión River from the Concordia station. ALSA buses to San Sebastián depart from the bus station (Bilbao TermiBus), which appears to be further away.
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