Is the France-Spain pass also a Spain-France pass?

This is a stupid question. Is the France-Spain pass also a Spain-France pass? In other words can I travel first from Spain to France or must the travel originate in France. Next, does a first class pass entitle us to travel from Barcelona to Paris on the Elipsos Hotel Train?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 12, 2012 21:55
    Hi Joel,

    The dual country pass for those countries is called the Eurail France-Spain Pass, and this pass covers the ticket costs for travel within both of those countries, which can be done in any order. Conceivably, you could travel back and forth between these countries as many times as you're able with the number of travel days you have on the pass.

    This pass will cover the ticket costs for the night train between Barcelona and Paris. You would just purchase reservations for this train, in addition to the rail pass. You would purchase the reservations by clicking on 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass'.

    To view the type of sleeping compartment on a night train, you would click 'Select' listed with the fares when you pull up the results of your search on our website for a particular night train.

    With a 1st class rail pass, you would be able to reserve any type of sleeping compartments on this night train, including the Gran Class (generally found under the 'Premier' heading when you pull up the results of your search). Gran Class compartmenst will have a toilet, shower, and wash basin directly in the compartment. Also, breakfast and dinner will be included in the cost of the Gran Class tickets.

    The night train between Barcelona and Paris can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure.
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