Is the Swiss Half Fare pass usable for trip from Zermatt via Brig to Venice?

We will travel to Switzerland in Jan 2015 and then go to Zermatt and then on to Venice on the direct train that won't make you change trains in Milan. We plan on purchasing the Half Fare pass. Our itinerary is: Arr by air to Zurich, then train to Basel same day, next day train from Basel to Gstaad 3 days, then train from Gstaad to Zermatt for 3 days. Will we get a discount on the Zermatt to Venice ticket with the half fare pass?
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  • Hi Veronica,

    The half fare discount will only apply to the trains within Switzerland. The International train that travels to Venice would not be discounted with that pass. You would need to purchase a full fare ticket for that portion which would be from Brig to Venice.

    Please note that at this time the half fare tickets would need to be purchased in our call center. You can contact us at 800-622-8600 for further details.

    Thank you,
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