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Hi! need some help and if not by you can you please put me in touch with someone of high power. I made a mistake while booking one of my rail tickets. My name is Quajuan Adams and my girlfriends name is Ramonica Anderson. When booking I made a mistake and typed her in as Ramonica Adams. Its become a habit because thats what I refer to her as and I plan on becoming engaged to her on our trip to Paris from London. I cannot afford to by another ticket and I have spent all of my funds on flights,hotels, and a ring. Can you PLEASE help me, THANK YOU in advance!
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  • Hi Quajuan,

    I see that you have spoken to one of our representatives in Customer Relations. They have contacted Eurostar on your behalf to see if an exception can be made. it is unfortunate that the last name is incorrect, however, like airlines most train companies do not allow for name corrections.

    I hope we are able to get this resolved for you so that you can enjoy your vacation.

    Thank you,
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