Late night trains from Reims to Paris & Le Havre to Paris - Women’s World Cup 2019

My friends and I will be staying in Paris and traveling to Reims and Le Havre for 2 football matches that begin at 9 PM. By the time the matches end it appears that the last trains have departed for Paris. Will there be extended service of the trains for these matches? So that when the matches end around 11-11:30 we can return to Paris?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 15, 2019 15:28
    Hi Ann,

    Very cool that you'll be there! I'll definitely be watching back at home.

    I'm very sorry, however, they would not have trains departing that late on these routes, so you may end up needing to spend the night in Reims and Le Havre on the nights of those 2 matches.

    You would purchase tickets from Paris to Reims and Paris to Le Havre by searching the routes under 'Book Train Tickets' on

    The Est station in Paris services trains to Reims, while the St Lazare station in Paris services trains to Le Havre.

    Trains between Paris and Reims are TGV high-speed trains. Trains between Paris and Le Havre are Intercités trains.
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