I received an open ticket from Zurich to Interlaken. How do I use it? Do I need to get a reservation?

I have received a ticket from Zurich HB to Interlaken (Via Bern) that is Valid from 1/6/2015 to 1/20/2015 ,, but no seat reservation ,, so how can I use it when I arrive at Zurich HB station ? I just go to any train and sit on any seat ? or I have to get a seat reservation ? If seat reservation is required, how can I make a seat reservation ?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 24, 2014 15:30
    Hi Tom,

    The vast majority of trains in Switzerland do not even accept reservations. Even if reservations happen to be accepted on a particular train in Switzerland, they are not at all necessary. With this being the case, 'open tickets' are the tickets that are issued for trains in Switzerland. Rest assured, open tickets are all that is needed to board trains that comprise of a connection from Zurich to Interlaken, and there is no need at all to purchase reservations. You would just walk on board with your tickets and take any open seat.

    In Switzerland, only certain trains designated as 'scenic trains' would require reservations. The Swiss scenic trains are listed under the 'Scenic Trains' section found here: http://www.raileurope.com/european-trains/.
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