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Leaving NYC tonight, only just found out about French rail passes: Can I still get one today or delivered to me in Paris tomorrow?

I am leaving New York tonight 7/16 for Paris. Can I still get a French rail pass, either here or sent to me express to arrive in Paris tomorrow, July 17?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 17, 2012 16:43
    Hi Ariane,

    Rail Europe is the North American-based rail pass and ticket supplier for the various national rail networks of Europe, and most of our tickets and passes are physical documents that would have to be shipped to you, including all rail passes.

    Delivery to an international address is not able to be arranged on our website. To arrange for an order to be delivered to you at an address in Europe, you would call us at 1-800-622-8600 or 1-847-916-1028; however, delivery to an address in Europe would take 3 to 5 business days. Our current hours are 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM ET Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET on Saturday and Sunday. Rail passe are not able to picked up locally at the stations.

    Otherwise, regular tickets for most trains in France are able to be issued as e-tickets or print-at-home tickets, if you wish to purchase point-to-point tickets instead of a rail pass. E-tickets and print-at-home tickets would be able to be purchased on our website. If tickets for a particular train are able to be issued as e-tickets or print-at-home tickets, then the option would display for you at Step 1 of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen. Tickets classified as e-tickets would be printed out from a kiosk in the station prior to departure, while print-at-home tickets would have to be printed elsewhere prior to going to the station.
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