I’m Happy about my trip but unsure about some details

Locker and Rail Pass verification for Pass and Reserveration

Good evening,

I will be traveling to Italy in July and would like to know the best time to purchase my pass and reservation in advance. I don't wont to purchase too early because I see that the reservation expires in two months. Also is it correct that we need to purchase a pass and reservation because we will be traveling to multiple cities?

I would like to know if lockers are available at the Venice, Florence and Rome stations? Some cities we would like to travel to in one day that's why lockers will be ideal.

Also is there service from Rome to Capri?

I appreciate any help that's provided!! :)
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  • Hi Kimberlee,

    Reservations for travel in Italy can be confirmed 90 days in advance. We do recommend you confirm your reservations within the 90 days to avoid sold out trains and long lines at the rail stations.

    The Venice S Lucia, Florence SMN and Rome Termini stations do have a luggage consignment.

    There are ferries from Naples or Sorrento to Capri. The ferry is operated by Caremar.
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