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London-Paris- SWISSS- back to London trip for 2 in June 2016

Hi, I am travelling into London on June 1, 2016 and flying out on June 11, 2016 from London too . I am looking to make this trip worthwhile by extending to visit 2 countries to visit in the 10 days that i will be in the country: Paris and also Switzerland.

At the moment, my focus is:
3 Days in London
2 Days in Paris
5 Days in Switzerland (with focus to visit Jungfrau and/or Titlis and maybe other places along the way)

As you can see, my focus is Switzerland- and I am looking to make the most of my trip to visit Jungfrau (via Grindelwald i believe) and also Titlis (luzern?) hopefully with other small cities if time permits. Can you recommend me good itinerary and railpass or packages that you have?

We are looking to save money by taking airbnb, unless you have great offers on accomodation

We are travelling 2 pax and have a budget of 2500-3000USD for all cost inclusive accomodation, train, and food for the 10 days TQ.
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