Lorient to Dinan via train - is it possible to book in advance?

I'm trying to book tickets for a trip from Lorient to Dinan (Bretagne) on 5 July. I am uncertain if the website is working correctly for two reasons; The map that shows my itinerary is completely incorrect and shows Dinan somewhere southeast of Paris, and the train station abbreviation that comes up when I put the whole package in my cart doesn't show Dinan as the final destination but rather DOL, which concerns me since I think that might mean dol-de-Bretagne, a different city altogether. Your helpful thoughts are much appreciated!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 14, 2013 14:45
    Hi Jennifer,

    Generally, you would get to Dinan by taking a short local train from Dol. Therefore, you would go to Dol first, in order to continue on to Dinan. However, there will be construction on this rail line from May 13th to August 2nd of this year. Dol comes up as the destination station for dates within this time frame, because of this construction. During this time, they will be running buses between Dol and Dinan in place of the trains. You would purchase tickets for the bus locally upon arrival in Dol. When they run, the trains from Dol to Dinan depart once every one or two hours and take approximately 30 minutes in duration. For dates after August 2nd, we are able to issue tickets for the trains from Dol to Dinan.

    I do show that Dol is positioned correctly on the map that appears with the schedules from Lorient to there. It is shown to be in Brittany west of Paris with Lorient to the southwest on the coast. Please let us know if you still see a discrepancy and specifically where you see it on our site. In any case, you can rest assured that your tickets will be issued correctly if you do a search for a rail connection from Lorient to Dol.
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