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Lost in Transition and trip is in Just a couple of Weeks

I booked 2 Spain Passes with a Departure to Europe date of within the next three weeks. I received the initial email acknowledging the order and stating the booking was not confirmed, but if my travel date was within 2 weeks someone would contact me within a day or so to confirm so I could began reserving my seats for upcoming trips.

However, I noticed the date in the booking for the departure date is actually set as 6/20/2020. I have sent email regarding this as I cannot find the chat link I was directed to in one of the emails and calling customer service also directs me to the non-existent chat service.

The other option was to view -> edit -> delete and create a new booking for the correct date (but that seems to want to charge me again when there is already a pending charge for the original tickets) since it had yet to be confirmed. However, this options states the page cannot be found. So, I am now approximately 17 days out from travel and completely frustrated at this point and I have yet to step foot in Europe.

Is there anyone within the Rail Europe customer care center able to resolve this sooner rather than later?
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