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Planning to travel from Madrid to Seville on Sat APR. 21. two passengers with two luggage each, exceeding the 50 lb. Can we travel with our luggage, if so, is there extra charge?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 11, 2018 15:20
    Hi Angel,

    Spain happens to be the only rail network in Europe that imposes weight limitations on luggage (while that is the case, there is no telling how strictly they'd enforce their policy.) The national rail network of Spain states that each passenger can carry up to 3 pieces of luggage, the sum of which may not exceed 290 cm, and the largest of the 3 items should not exceed 85 x 55 x 35 cm in height-width-depth. Also, the total weight of the 3 items should not exceed 25 kg. Anything beyond that would be up to the discretion of the conductor.

    Outside of Spain, the general rule is that passengers can take as much luggage as they can carry.

    You would purchase tickets from Madrid to Seville by searching the route under 'BOOK TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, Trains from Madrid to Seville are AVE high-speed trains.
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