Luggage from Paris to London on Eurostar

How does taking luggage on the train work? Is there a fee? Is there spots to store the luggage?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 12, 2015 17:15
    Thank you for your question, Ariel.

    A typical amount of luggage is 2 large items per person, plus one smaller item. Trains provide sufficient space to store luggage. There would be space between seats or in the overhead racks, as well as at the end of each train car in many cases.

    The Eurostar is unique from other trains in that it does allow passengers to check luggage. On the Eurostar, the possibility does exist that they would not allow you to carry on a 3rd piece of luggage. The fee to check additional luggage is set locally, but I believe it ranges from about £18 to £30 per item.

    With regard to other trains, the general rule is that passengers can take as much luggage on board as they can carry.

    You would purchase tickets for the Eurostar from Paris to London by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the route.
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