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I’m frustrated

Luggage Problems

Me and my Wife recently traveled from Budapest to Salzburg via Railjet with 4 pieces of luggage. Great Ride! Boarding at Budapest with luggage was easy, because it's the originating point of the train (Munich end point) and had plenty of time. Getting off at Salzburg (midway from Munich) with 4 pieces of luggage was difficult, because we only had about 10 minutes or less to do so. We barely made it off the train even with the assistance of fellow passengers. Any easier way to deal with all the luggage? The reason for all the luggage was we were in Europe for 4 weeks.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 04, 2013 16:09
    Hi William,

    While a connection time of 10 minutes is generally sufficient to change trains at most stations in Europe, you can arrange for more time if need be. To arrange for a connection time of your choosing, you can do a separate search for each segment of a connection when you go to book reservations on our website. Otherwise, you can take an earlier train for the first part of a connection or a later train for the second part of a connection.

    On trains, passengers do carry their own luggage on board with them, as there is no checked luggage for the great majority of trains in Europe. Only some main stations offer porter service, but it would only be able to be arranged locally. Aside from that, stations in Europe do not offer any porter service.
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