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Making Group Reservations With Differing Passes

I am studying abroad with a university and will have four days of free travel left over on a global pass that I can put toward free travel. I will be meeting up with 3 friends over free travel who do not have the global pass but will have a select 3 country 5 day pass. How will we book reservations as a group on the rail europe site. The site seems to assume that all of us will have the same pass. Is there a way to have different passes and still stick together. We will all have eurorail passes just not the same kind. We are trying to book reservations on night trains between Italy and Vienna, Austria. Thanks
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 27, 2013 14:43
    Hi Benjamin,

    As long as both sets of travelers have passes that cover the countries being traveled through, you can just indicate that all passengers will be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass when you go to purchase your reservations. All that matters is that the ticket costs are covered for the entire journey, so it doesn't matter what pass you enter as long as it covers the entire route.
    • Ok thanks! So reservations then are linked with a passengers name and not a particular pass through like serial number or anything like that? Should I have the pass already purchased or can I order both the reservations and pass at the same time?
    • Jeff (Official Rep) June 27, 2013 18:13
      All that matters is that the pass being used for a route includes all of the countries that route travels through.

      The name of your specific rail pass would never be listed on your actual reservation documents. Therefore, to book reservations for a train from Munich to Zurich, for instance, you could say that you're traveling with a Eurail Global Pass, even if you'll actually be traveling with a Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass, just for the purpose of purchasing the reservations. This is how you would be able to purchase reservations for a party of travelers that happen to be using different kinds of rail passes. Each of the passes being used would just have to cover the countries being traveled through for that route, but the passes and the reservation documents are separate. You would just need to have your rail pass with you to make the reservations valid and show them both to the conductor.

      The passes and reservations do not have to be purchased at the same time, though we would recommend doing so if possible. By having them included in the same order, it would enable you to avoid being charged any unnecessary shipping fees.
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