Malpensa to Milan Centrale - how much time including immigration

If one is scheduled to land at Malpensa at 9 AM, how much time should one allow for getting to Milano Centrale and boarding a train? In other words, considering Immigration and Baggage Claim, finding the bus to the station, traffic time, and navigating the station, what would be a good time to book one's train for?
Noon? Later?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 09, 2013 19:38
    Hi Andrew,

    The time it takes to get from the gate to the train station can depend on several factors. You should expect a time that is comparable to the amount of time it would take to travel through a typical major North American and an additional hour at least to get through customs, if arriving from overseas.

    With that said, tickets for the trains from the Milan Malpensa Airport to the Milan Centrale station (the Malpensa Express) are only able to be purchased locally upon arrival. The Malpensa Express trains depart once or twice every hour, and the ride takes about 45 to 55 minutes between the airport and the Centrale station.
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