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Milan to Zurich via Bernina Express

Post-cruise, my husband and I plan to take a train side trip from Venice to Milan, Milan to the lake area (Lugano or Como), and then take the Bernina Express to Chur, where we'll transfer to a train to Zurich. Most information I can find is for Zurich to Tirano. Is it possible to travel all the way from Lugano to Zurich in one day, taking the Bernina Express. Where/how do I book this trip?
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  • Dave (Official Rep) January 11, 2018 16:53
    Hello Noni,

    Yes it is possible to travel from Lugano to Zurich in a day, using the Bernina Express. You would start on the Bernina Express bus from Lugano to Tirano, followed by the Bernina Express train from Tirano to Chur, Switzerland. From there, take a regional train from Chur to Zurich. Schedules and fares are available 90 days in advance, so check back with us 3 months ahead of your trip.
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