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I’m frustrated

Money deducted one month back on 12th July but didn't get the tickets yet.

I am from Jerusalem Israel and have planned to travel Switzerland on Sep 2018. I have booked my Swiss passes on 12th Jul 2018 for my travel to Switzerland on 9th Sep 2018 to 11th Sep 2018.

It is showing paper tickets to be delivered but I have not yet received the Swiss passes to my post box.

I tried to contact the rail and fly office in Haifa but my request has been ignored every time. I sent so many mails/ I called them last week then they told that it will be delivered in one week. When I called them today they told that it is cancelled and I will get back my money in my card.

I don't know what is going on neither I am getting the ticket nor my money back. Below are the mail references which I got from Rail Europe.
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  • Dave (Official Rep) August 07, 2018 16:04
    Hello Prashant,

    You have contacted the North American branch of Rail Europe, and as such we do not have any records of a booking with us. Most likely, you placed your order on, so I would recommend visiting that website and contacting them directly. It is also possible you purchased directly with Swiss Travel Systems. There are many vendors of Swiss Rail products throughout the world, so I would recommend checking with your credit card to find out exactly which outlet you purchased from and contacting that outlet. We can only access orders placed on from North American customers.
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