Montreux to Muerren via to the Golden Pass

I am traveling from Montreux to Muerren on June 18, I would like to get VIP seats on Golden Pass Panoramic train, do I need a first class pass/ticket or can the VIP seats be purchased with second class swiss rail pass? Also when are the VIP seats available to purchase for a June 18, 2016 travel date?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 05, 2016 17:11
    Hi Debbie,

    A connection from Montreux to Mürren via the 'GoldenPass' scenic route would take just over 4 hours in duration and involves 4 train changes along the way; once in Zweisimmen, once in Interlaken, once in Lauterbrunnen, and then once in Grütschalp.

    The trains from Montreux to Zweisimmen and Zweisimmen to Interlaken follow the GoldenPass route.

    From Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, you would be on the 'Bernese Oberland Railway'.

    To get from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp, you would take the 'Grütschalpbahn' cable car.

    The train from Grütschalp to Mürren is the 'Mürrenbahn'.

    The 'Swiss Travel Pass' is valid to cover this entire journey. It would only be recommended that you have a reservation on the segment from Montreux to Zweisimmen.

    You would purchase a reservation from Montreux to Zweisimmen by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage (, entering the cities, and indicating that you'll be traveling with the 'Swiss Travel Pass'. Generally, these trains can only be reserved once within 90 days of an intended departure date. On this segment, there are either GoldenPass ‘Classic’ trains or GoldenPass ‘Panorama’ trains. These two options will be labeled accordingly when you pull up the results of your search.

    The coaches on the GoldenPass Classic trains have a vintage turn-of-the-century Belle Époque look, whereas the GoldenPass Panorama trains have a more modern look. GoldenPass Classic trains also have 'wine cellar' coaches, which offer a wider selection of wine than would be offered in the bar cars on the GoldenPass Panorama trains; however, food is available for purchase on both the GoldenPass Classic trains and the GoldenPass Panorama trains. GoldenPass Classic trains have large windows, but the windows on the GoldenPass Panorama trains are more “panoramic”, as the name suggests. Rest assured, both 1st and 2nd class on the GoldenPass Panorama trains have the panoramic windows.

    The 'VIP' seats you're referring to are only found on the GoldenPass Panorama trains from Montreux to Zweisimmen, and they are only offered in 1st class. There are no VIP seats on any of the other legs of your trip. Additionally, we do not have access to issue reservations for the VIP seats. The VIP seats are only able to be reserved locally in Switzerland. I have to warn you, however, they are more than likely to be sold out by the time you get there. We're very sorry for any inconvenience. If the VIP seats happen to be available, you would have to purchase a supplement (to compensate for the fact that your pass is a 2nd class pass) in addition to the reservation.

    The trains from Zweisimmen to Interlaken do not have actual panoramic windows, but you would still be traveling along the GoldenPass route with amazing views. Reservations are not necessary on the trains from Zweisimmen to Interlaken, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'll need to board.

    Reservations are not accepted on the Bernese Oberland Railway from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, the Grütschalpbahn cable cars from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp, and the Mürrenbahn from Grütschalp to Mürren. Therefore, the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'll need to board for these segments, as well.

    For planning purposes, you can view schedules for the segments from Zweisimmen to Interlaken and Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen by doing a search under 'Find Fares & Schedules' (instead of 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations') on our homepage. You would do one search for the segment from Zweisimmen to Interlaken and a separate search for the segment from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen. Since your objective would just be to view schedules, you would not indicate that you'll be traveling with any type of rail pass when entering your criteria for these searches.

    Schedules for the Grütschalpbahn cable cars and the Mürrenbahn are not able to be viewed on our site.The Grütschalpbahn and Mürrenbahn both depart twice every hour throughout the day.

    The Swiss Travel Pass doesn't cover the 'Schilthornbahn' cable car up to Schilthorn from Mürren, but it would enable you to receive a 50% discount if this is something you want to do when you're in Mürren. Generally, we offer these discounted tickets on our website; however, they are only able to be purchased locally at this time. It is likely we'll be able to sell these tickets again before your trip, so feel free to check back with us again in a couple months. Otherwise, you'll be able to receive the discount locally just by mentioning that you have the Swiss Travel Pass when you go to buy the tickets.
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