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Needing RailEurope ticket, not resident of Canada any longer. Residing in Cyprus.

Is it possible to book a Raileurope ticket while residing IN Europe? Currently only gives the option to mail within Canada. Also anyone else caught by the limited residence list? We have residences for Cyprus and Britain but neither are in the residence list for reservations.
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  • Since we are a US based company, the tickets we sell are for Non-European travelers. If you are still a resident of Canada but are residing abroad, you can still purchase tickets from us as long as there is an address in Canada or the US to send the ticket to. If you are booking trains in France, Spain or the UK then we can issue those electroinically. If you want tickets sent to you in Cyprus then you would need to call us at 800-438-7245 and one of our Travel Consultants will be able to assist you further.
    If these options do not work for you, then please log onto and select the country in which you reside. This will guide you to agencies in your area that can book our tickets.
    Thank you.
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