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I’m sad

Never again

On july 27,we were traveling with TGV Lyria from Zuerich to Paris. The train did not show up in Zuerich and we were put in the cars they could find in the area and we were sent to Basel in them.No water,no A/C.In Basel they sent us from track 15 to 31 and we had only 10 min. for that.Still no explanations what happened. After 3 hours of ride or so the train stopped in the middle of nowhere and we sat there for 2 hours with no drinking water,with no water in the washroom,with no A/C.In the bar they had 2 bottles of water for the whole train and it was hot inside and outside.It was the last leg of our european trip and this incident ruined the whole picture.This was my worst trip and I"ll think twice to book the trip with Lyria. Train #9226,coach 16,seats 23 and24. Reference #SKYQZR.Igor and Galina,Canada.
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