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Never received tix/confirmation but charged

We purchased tix earlier this month never received a confirmation number or email, but I was charged for them. I'm now in need of them in 2 days, out of the country and unable to wait on hold for customer service to resolve the issue. Plus the website isn't accepting my email to try and find any itinerary number to make reference to. Please help!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 21, 2012 19:59
    Hi Andrea,

    We were able to locate your order, so we re-sent the information needed for you to access your e-tickets at the station. This was sent to you at the email address you used when you submitted the order. In your booking summary, you would locate the 'PNR' code for your tickets, which is the code you will enter into the kiosk at the station to print out your actual tickets. This may also be referred to as the PNR number, even though it contains all letters.
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