No tickets at station

I have booked a ticket from Angers , France to the UK. When I went to the ticket machine in Angers it accepted my card but could not find my ticket . I went and asked in the office but my name was not known by the computer system . Help !
How will I get my tickets ?
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  • Hi David,

    I'm sorry; however, we would not be able to answer your questions without being able to see your order, and we are not able to assist with specific orders through this forum.

    For us to be able to answer questions regarding a specific order, you would have to contact us either by calling us at 1-800-622-8600 or 1-847-916-1028, or else by sending an email to

    If you send an email, please be sure to include the booking number for your order, as well as your full first and last name. However, please note it can take up to 72 business hours to receive a reply with regard to email correspondence.

    With this being a public forum, we don't advise sharing order numbers or any other personal information here. Any posts containing such information would be removed for security purposes.
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