Why is there no date & time on my ticket from Porto to Lisbon?

Got my ticket in the mail but there was no date or time reflected on the ticket leaving Porto for Lisbon. What does this mean? How do we get our seats? Leaving home for Europe in a few days and would really appreciate an answer soon. thank you.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 21, 2015 20:15
    Hi Isabel.

    The national rail network of Portugal does not enable any of their trains to be reserved from anywhere outside the country. Therefore, we are only able to issue the tickets that you would need to board a train from Porto to Lisbon. As it happens, the trains from Porto to Lisbon do require reservations to go along with the tickets we issue for the route. With that being the case, you would purchase the reservation at the station prior to boarding. When you go to purchase the reservation, just be sure to mention that you already have the ticket, so that they don't charge you for that as well.
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