What phone number do I use while in Europe?

No support in Europe. no phone number to call in Europe for questions and support. as the train station will not help with Rail Europe Tickets. so its up to Rail Europe to help but they don't why? how do i get support in Europe since Europe is in your name? Do you exist here or is it just a name? do users need to just give up and dispute tickets and get lost and have bad travel?

HELP US!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
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  • Hi Steven,

    We are a US based company and we do not have any direct offices in Europe. If you need assistance with your booking, please call us at 847-916-1028 and one of our Travel Consultants will be able to assist you. Please be sure to provide us with your booking number.

    If you have access currently to the internet, you can always log on to our website and chat with a live person for further assistance. I hope you are able to speak to someone today. Our hours are from 9am-8:30pm EST.

    Thank you,
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