I’m Angry upset

No tickets issued but credit card been charged $ 2000

I shopped some tickets in the shopping cart and I completed every section in the payment processing page, once I pressed the confirm button the page came up error says some tickets are no longer available, so the payment wasn't successful, and I haven't got any booking record or information, however my credit card has already been deducted the amount of the tickets $ 2000. I have no idea what's gone wrong. I need my tickets and if not I need my money back.
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  • Hi Jing,

    I do not show a booking in our system for you. If you booked on www.raileurope-world.com you will need to contact them directly. I would recommend going to the website and choosing the country for which you purchased your tickets in. You will then be able to contact them regarding your tickets.

    Even though we are all affliated, we do not have access to the other Rail Europe bookings due to system restrictions. If you have any other questions, please call us at 800-622-8600.

    Thank you,
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