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None of the delivery options available when trying to book Interlaken to Paris for travel with a Eurail France-Germany Pass

I am trying to book a ticket from Interlaken to Paris. When i go to check out it says none of the 3 delivery options are available. How am I supposed to get my tickets? I have a Eurail France-Germany pass if this is relevant. I leave for Europe on August 26
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 10, 2015 15:30
    Hi Annie.

    A connection from Interlaken to Paris would take about 5 hours in duration and involves changing trains in Basel along the way.

    Since a Eurail France-Germany Pass does not include Switzerland, it would not cover the trains from Interlaken to Basel. Therefore, to take the train from Interlaken to Basel, you would have to purchase a separate ticket. Tickets for trains from Interlaken to Basel are only able to be issued as paper documents that would have to be shipped to you. You would be informed of this at the first step of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen.

    You would purchase a ticket for a train from Interlaken to Basel by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the route. Since your rail pass would not be valid for this train, you would not mention that you'll be traveling one when prompted by our system.

    With a Eurail France-Germany Pass, you would be eligible to receive a discounted rate called the 'Passholder 2' on any of the direct trains from Basel to Paris (the direct trains from Basel to Paris are high-speed 'TGV Lyria' trains.)

    You would purchase tickets at a 'Passholder 2' rates for a 'TGV Lyria' train from Basel to Paris by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage (instead of 'Find Fares & Schedules'), entering the route, and indicating that you'll be traveling with any rail pass that includes France (i.e. the Eurail France-Germany Pass).

    To ensure that it's a 'Passholder 2' rate you're being quoted when you pull up the results of your search, you would click the 'View' button for the cost listed under your preferred class of service for your preferred departure. After you click the 'View' button, a box will expand out underneath. In this box, you would refer to the option(s) listed under where it says 'Ticket Flexibility' and click 'Read More'. When you click 'Read More', the name of the fare should display as something like 'TGV Lyria Passholder 2'. Generally, the Passholder 2 rates for these trains would be the 'Semi Flexible' option under 'Ticket Flexibility'.

    These tickets are also only able to be issued as paper documents that would have to be shipped to you. Once again, you would be informed of this at the first step of the checkout process (the 'Delivery' screen).

    Any order placed on our website can take 24 to 48 business hours to be processed in addition to the time it takes to ship the documents, which would be an additional 2 to 3 business days if the option of standard delivery is chosen or an additional 1 business day if the option of express delivery is chosen.
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