Does the pass cover Norway water travel from Stavanger to Trondheim?

Does this pass cover boat travel along the western border of Norway (Stavanger to Trondheim) ?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 29, 2016 15:02
    Hi Marti,

    Rail passes would not cover any boats from Stavanger to Trondheim. Instead, a rail pass that includes Norway would enable you to receive discounts on the Fjord Line boats between from Stavanger to Bergen and Stavanger to Kristiansand. During high season (mid-June to mid-August), this discount would be 10%. The rest of the year, the discount would be 20%. For booking, the website for Fjord Line is

    The eligible passes for this discount are:

    - the Eurail Norway Pass:

    - the Eurail Scandinavia Pass:

    - a Eurail Select Pass that includes Norway:

    - the Eurail Global Pass:
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