Order tickets Paris-Munich from outside of the U.S.

I’d like to purchase train tickets from Paris to Munich but I have a problem putting in my cell number at the checkout as it is mentioned that I did not enter a valid number. I am currently ordering the tickets from Munich. How do I proceed, thanks.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 09, 2017 15:30
    Hi Aisyah,

    When using a foreign number to place an order, you would need to run all the numbers together and not include the plus sign. If you're still not able to submit the order, you would have to call us. From Europe, you would reach us by calling 1-847-916-1028. Our current hours are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CT Monday to Friday.

    For tickets for the trains comprising of a connection from Paris to Munich to be issued electronically, you'll need to break up your search. For example, most connections from Paris to Munich involves changing trains once in either Mannheim or Stuttgart along the way, so you would have to do one search from Paris to Mannheim or Stuttgart and then another search for connecting trains from Mannheim or Stuttgart to Munich. By doing this, tickets for the segment from Paris to Mannheim or Stuttgart would be offered as print-at-home e-tickets, and tickets from Mannheim or Stuttgart to Munich would be offered as print-at-station e-tickets.

    Trains from Paris to Mannheim and Paris to Stuttgart are France-Germany High Speed (TGV Est) trains.

    Trains from Mannheim to Munich or Stuttgart to Munich are ICE (InterCity Express) trains or IC (InterCity) trains.
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