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Overnight Trains in Italy, Spain and France Options

A friend and I are planing a trip next July to Italy, Spain, and France. When my husband and I visited in the late 1990 and then again in 2005 we took a wonderful night sleeper train from Milan to Barcelona. We had what I consider a 4 star dinner in the dinning cart with a wonderful glass of wine. This was included with our private sleeping berth for 2. Does Eurial no longer offer this option any longer. I only her of this aweful company Thelos. What happen to the beautiful rail system of Europe?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 20, 2018 20:58

    Unfortunately, the night train service from Milan to Barcelona (called the 'Elipsos') was discontinued several years back.

    These days, the closest thing to a feasible overnight connection from Milan to Barcelona would consist of the following:

    - Thello night train from Milan to Dijon
    - TGV high-speed train from Dijon to Montpellier
    - France Spain High-Speed train from Montpellier to Barcelona

    Otherwise, a daytime connection would have you taking a 'France-Italy TGV' through the Italian and French Alps from Milan to Chambery, connecting to a regional TER train from Chambery to Valence, and then switching to a 'France Spain High Speed' train from Valence to Barcelona.

    Rest assured, the rail network is still in place and taking passengers all over Europe across the same beautiful countrysides and landscapes. It's just that certain overnight services in Europe have been discontinued over the course of the past several years as a casualty of the times.
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