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Delivery Options for train from London to Oxford

I am considering booking a train from London/Paddington to Oxford and upon check out noticed a Shipping/Handling charge. Reading information on your site, I assume e-tickets are not available so I would be sent a paper ticket. I would assume your website would clearly show e-ticketing if available...QUESTIONS: Today is 9/14 @ 2:00 PM EST. and we fly out 9/20. What are my shipping options and costs associated with them? And what would be the expected time from my booking this ticket to get the paper tickets to Florida, USA? Please let me know and thank you.
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  • Hi Christopher,

    Tickets for certain train types can only be issued as paper documents that would have to be shipped to you; however, tickets for trains in the UK are issued as 'print-at-station' e-tickets. This information would be presented to you at Step 1 of the checkout process, which is the 'Delivery' screen. On the 'Delivery' screen, you would scroll down slightly and see the 3 options for ticketing listed: 'Print at the station e-ticket', 'Print at Home e-ticket', and 'Paper Ticket'. With regard to trains from London to Oxford (and all other trains operating within the UK, for that matter), the 'Print at Home e-ticket' and 'Paper Ticket' options would be grayed out, because the only option possible for these tickets is the 'Print at the station e-ticket' option.

    For e-tickets (print-at-station or print-at-home), there is a processing fee of $7.95 USD. This fee would be waived for any single order submitted through our website that exceeds $399 USD.
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