Paris Pass (activities and transportation zone 1-3) How to buy and where to pick it up

Is it possible to buy on line the Paris Pass for 6 days ? I tried and it doesn't work.
Could we buy this pass when we will be in Paris ? If yes, where ? Could you please provide me the adress. (I didn't see any adress on the web). Thanks Linda
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 30, 2015 14:49
    Hi Linda.

    There is a 6 day option for the 'Paris Pass'. It is actually the maximum number of days offered for this pass.

    You would purchase this pass here: Once you've indicated your first day of travel and the number of travelers, you would click 'Get Prices' in order to be quoted the various offers for this pass.

    I'm sorry, however, I do not know where or if this specific pass is sold locally in Paris. We would send you the voucher, which you would exchange for the pass itself at the following location:

    Paris Pass Desk
    Les Délices, near Grand Rex Cinema
    33 rue Poissonnière
    75002 Paris
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