Paris to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Hello, I am trying to buy two tickets from Paris to Lauterbrunnen on October 5th and they are currently not available online. What recommendations do you have for booking these tickets? Thank you for your help! Sincerely, Elizabeth C.
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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    A connection from Paris to Lauterbrunnen takes 5.5 to 6 hours in duration and involves 2 train changes along the way; once in Basel and then once in Interlaken. The trains comprising of this connection are able to be booked on our website.

    When purchasing tickets on our site for a trip such as this, you would just have to piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Otherwise, for this trip, you could even just break up your search once in Basel. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Paris to Basel and then another search for the segment from Basel to Lauterbrunnen.

    Direct trains from Paris to Basel are high-speed TGV Lyria trains.
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