I have a ticket from Paris to Lucerne, but the seats are not reserved?

I have booked a paris to lucerne ticket from an agent for TGV lyria train which departs at 10:23 am on 14th August, 2016 for 2 adults, but the seats are not reserved. So it is necessary to reserve seats in advance and if yes then how can I do the same now since the tickets are booked but the seats are not reserved?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 14, 2016 16:34
    Hi Karan,

    There are no direct trains from Paris to Lucerne. A connection from Paris to Lucerne would involve changing trains once in Basel along the way.

    Any ticket for a train from Paris to Basel would include a reservation with it. There is no way for you to have a ticket on this train without a reservation. If you have a ticket for a direct train from Paris to Basel, then you also would have a reservation. The direct trains from Paris to Basel are TGV Lyria trains that require reservations, so all tickets issued for these trains would have a reservation included.

    On the trains from Basel to Lucerne, reservations are not necessary at all. Therefore, we would issue 'open tickets' for this segment, which are all you would need to board. Since reservations aren't necessary on trains from Basel to Lucerne, there would just be open seating.
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